How to Open an Amazon Store?

I suggest you plan the store opening steps ahead of time. Amazon is not a joke, let me open an account right away, if there is any missing, I will collect it over time.

First you need to decide which Amazon country to open.

Amazon regions where you can open an account individually if you do not have a company: North America (Canada, America, Mexico), Arab Emirates (AE) and Australia.

If you have a company, you can open a European account. For countries such as Japan, India, you need to have a connection in that country.

If we are going to sell in Canada, we need a North American account. With this account, you can open a store in America, Canada and Mexico Amazon.

Tip: It does not matter from which country in North America you open your professional reseller account, but in terms of monthly fees. Everyone thinks the professional seller account is $ 39.99 per month, but that’s if you open your account on in the first place. However, if you open it on, the professional account will be 29.99CAD per month, so you will pay almost 40% less.

If you do not have a company, you enter your personal information when opening a store. The most important point here is that all the information you entered must be correct, especially in the first place.

So, don’t enter an address you found online just because I need a Canadian address. In Turkey, you can enter the address and contact information confirmed by documents. Specify whether you are in Turkey. Anyway, that’s it.

Your account is activated within a few days after checking the ID and bank account information. From time to time, Amazon may request additional documents or may not accept the documents you uploaded.

With the increase in account applications lately, the situation of requesting additional documents during the account opening, which we call opening suspension, is more common.

All you have to do is act carefully, meet Amazon’s demand, follow the directives and not give up.

Tip: Many transactions on Amazon are handled by bots. As algorithms work to capture risky accounts and profiles just like in banks, my suggestion from my banking experience is that you do not rush. Proceed step by step. Open your account, wait a few days. If you load products into your store immediately and you get caught in the boat, you may be asked for a lot of extra information such as the purchase invoice of the products. However, if you are calm when you pass the first checks, you can start using your store without being suspended.

After submitting your personal information, you choose a store name.

Try to choose your store name in a way that creates a professional perception for customers in the country where you are selling. A name like a random username like on AliExpress, choose a nice brand. You can change the store name later, don’t worry.

Before you start adding your products, you need to get UPC or EAN-13 barcodes according to your country. If you have opened an account for the USA, you must get a UPC code. If you have opened an account for Europe, you must get the EAN-13 code. As, we are always with you for your barcode number needs. We continue to support you with the most suitable and fast service guarantee.

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