How can I get a barcode number?

How can I get a barcode number?

You know that we need barcode (UPC, EAN) number for our manual product listing on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay. You can redeem these codes not only for Amazon and eBay, but also on Google or iTunes.

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Do I need to get barcodes for my products?

Amazon, Ebay etc. It is mandatory to use barcode numbers in order to sell on online shopping platforms and to have them on your products in your stores. With these barcode numbers, you can safely sell your products. As a company, we enable you to purchase barcodes quickly and easily.

Differences Between EAN and UPC

We often see these barcodes in places such as supermarkets, pharmacies and on the products you buy online. EAN ( European Article Number ) is the European Article Number standard and its American equivalent is UPC ( Universal Product Code ) International Product Code.

There are two main types of EAN barcode. EAN8 is encoded with eight (8) digits and EAN13 is coded with thirteen (13) digits. The word digit means numbers rather than characters. In these barcodes, EAN and UPC encode numbers only. Coding of alphabetic characters is not possible with these codes.

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