Do I need to get barcodes for my products?

We highly recommend that you get barcodes for your products, because more and more retailers are changing to a barcoding system. Although it is optional for retailers to use a barcode system (and barcode scanners) to process orders and keep track of their stock, the system is incredibly useful as it simplifies the sales process. For this reason, retailers are increasingly incorporating barcodes into their stores – and in the near future you may find that some of your retailers are requiring you to put barcodes onto your products If you are an Amazon or eBay seller you need to get a barcode for your products to list them.

According to the GS1 system, the brand owner of the product (regardless of where or by whom it was produced) is responsible for giving the product a barcode number. However, the brand owner of the product may be the manufacturer, distributor, importer or retailer of the product at the same time as in the following cases.

  • If the producer sells the product it produces under its own brand name.
  • If the importer / wholesaler sells the product manufactured in any country under its own brand name, or if the importer / wholesaler has made changes to the product (for example, changes to the product packaging)
  • If the retailer sells the product produced in any country under its own brand name.

Do you need EAN-13 or UPC barcodes?

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