About us

EANBARCODEUPC is one of the leading sellers of GS1 UPC/EAN barcodes online. We’ve been selling on online stores for 11 years. We’ve sold millions of barcodes to 100,000+ happy customers.  Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers in listing their products online and in retail stores around the world – providing full support, quick delivery, and great prices.


Why should I buy codes from us?

We have 11+ years selling in the industry to 100,000+ customers and millions of codes.  We have a Risk-Free Guarantee – if you aren’t fully satisfied with your order, receive a full refund.  If you have any issues, we’re here to help you.  Your success is our success, we take pride and helping our customers succeed.

Do you deliver by email or USPS?

Delivery is via email to your registered email address (it’s the only email we have access to for your order). If you don’t see it in your email, please check the spam folder. Let us know if you prefer another email address.

How do I know the codes will work?

We have been selling online for 11+ years to 100,000+ businesses and we guarantee the codes will work on eBay, Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and many other online platforms and most brick & mortar stores, worldwide.


Do you match other seller’s prices?

Yes, we will match prices from other legitimate sellers of real GS1-issued codes.  Many sellers out there do not sell legitimate codes, hence why their prices could be different.


What is your Refund policy?

If you have any issues, simply contact us and we’ll help you. Your codes come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Please contact via email [email protected]


Are your codes used?

We ONLY sell unused (virgin) codes that are guaranteed to work worldwide.


What is the difference between UPC & EAN?

Barcodes come in two varieties: UPC (12-digit) and EAN (13 digit.) The number is the same, its just formatted differently. You can remove the leading zero from the EAN format to convert it to the UPC format. In the USA and Canada, BOTH Amazon and eBay accept BOTH the UPC and EAN format of the barcode. Outside of the USA, in Europe and the rest of the world, ONLY the EAN format is accepted. 


GS1 Questions

Who is GS1?

GS1 is a private company (they are not part of the U.S. government) that issues UPC/EAN codes and keeps a registry of the company names that they sold codes to. They do not update this list when codes are resold to new owners, and as a result, their records contain less than 20% of the names of the current owners of barcodes.


What is the difference between buying from GS1 and buying from you?

For most uses there is no difference between purchasing the codes from us or from GS1, except the cost.
With GS1 you will need to pay a fee for the codes and an annual renewal fee – for the first 10 codes this cost is $250 plus $50/year in renewal fees. For 1,000 codes the cost is $2,500 plus $500/year in renewal fees. We charge significantly less! The codes we sell were issued by GS1 before the requirement of renewal fees so they are not subject to any additional fees. You can use these codes in retail stores or online e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay.


Will you register my company on GS1?

No, GS1 is in the business of selling codes and will only change the name if you purchase the codes directly from them. The cost is $250 for the first 10 codes! plus an annual renewal fee.


Why isn’t your company registered on GS1?

GS1 is in the business of selling codes and will not change the registration. We acquire the codes from the company that GS1 originally issued them to and then sell them to you. You own the codes and there are no annual renewal fees.


Is it legal to purchase codes from a reseller?

Yes, GS1 doesn?t like it, but the reselling of codes is a legal business. Many years ago GS1 tried to stop resellers but they lost in Court. We have been selling online for 11+ years.